By Holly Norton

The Office of Research Development (ORD) will manage the new process for limited submissions at UMass Lowell. Limited submission opportunities are those when a funding agency or sponsor limits the number of proposals that may be submitted by an institution.

Please visit the limited submissions website to access the limited submissions document for complete details. Below is a summary of the process.

Anyone who wishes to apply for a limited submission opportunity must complete the following steps:

  1. Email a Letter of Intent (LOI) to limitedsubmissions@uml.edu  as soon as possible.
  2. If ORD receives more LOIs than the number of proposals the sponsor allows, ORD will conduct an internal competition. 
  3. ORD will notify all LOI submitters of the internal pre-proposal deadline for the opportunity. 
  4. All pre-proposals must be submitted through the UML InfoReady portal.
If the number of LOIs received by ORD does not exceed the sponsor limit, the LOI submitter(s) will be accepted as the institutional submission(s).

Standard Limited Submission Timeline

  • Letter of intent deadline: usually 90 days prior to the sponsor deadline
  • Internal proposal deadline: usually 1 week after LOI deadline
  • Review and decision: usually 2 weeks after internal proposal deadline, and typically at least two months prior to the sponsor deadline

Please email limitedsubmissions@uml.edu for any questions. Thank you.