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Synthesis And Applications Of Soft Electronic Materials

Synthesis And Applications Of Soft Electronic Materials


Sanjeev Manohar, Chemical Engineering

This proposal brings together research groups having expertise in diverse research areas to collaboratively identify new opportunities in the science and technology of  nanostructured soft electronic organic materials. Specifically, our group's expertise in the synthesis and characterization nanofibers and nanotubes of polymers and nanocarbons (Manohar) will be coupled with three other groups: (i) to evaluate these materials in next-generation energy storage devices (Jayant Kumar), (ii) to fabricate nanofiber-based

devices (Manohar, Niezrecki), and (iii) to evaluate fiber networks and/or Langmuir-Blodgett films as vapor and analyte sensors (Mattoso, consultant). The findings in nanofiber-based devices translate to new opportunities for UML's Nanomanufacturing center.  We have recently developed a facile microwave approach