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Hsi-Wu Wong

Hsi-Wu Wong is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Hsi-Wu WongAssistant Professor

Research Interests

Chemical reaction engineering; chemical kinetics; catalysis; kinetic modeling; sustainable chemical production.


  • Postdoc: Chemical Engineering, (2005), Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA
  • Ph D: Chemical Engineering, (2003), Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, (1996), National Taiwan University - Taipei, Taiwan

Selected Awards and Honors

  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2019)
  • North American Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (NASCRE) Travel Award (2019)
  • B. J. Martin Dissertation Year Fellowship, Northwestern University (2002)
  • International Symposia on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE) Travel Award (2002)

Selected Publications

  • Liu, C., Li, Z., Yu, P., Wong, H., Gu, Z. (2018) "Vertically aligned and surface roughed Pt nanowire array as high performance electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation", ACS Applied Energy Materials 1: pp. 3973-3983
  • Zuo, W., Wong, H. (2017) "Green synthesis of linear alkylbenzenes via Diels- Alder cycloaddition between furan and linear alkenes over niobic acid catalyst", Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews 10:4 pp. 393-403
  • Wong, H., Peck, J., Assif, J., Panerai, F., Lachaud, J., Mansour, N.N. (2016) "Detailed analysis of species production from the pyrolysis of the Phenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator", Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 122: pp. 258–267
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  • Woody, M.C., Wong, H., West, J., Arunachalam, S. (2016) "Multiscale predictions of aviation-attributable PM 2.5 for US airports modeled using CMAQ with plume-in-grid and an aircraft-specific 1-D emission model", Atmospheric Environment 147: pp. 384–394
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