Cordula Schmid

Cordula Schmid, Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Director, Photovoltaic Protyping & Testing Lab; Associate Director, Center for Energy Innovation; Co-Director, Building Energy Efficiency & Temperature Control Materials Lab

Francis College of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ball Hall, 3rd floor


Photovoltaic (PV) Performance and Durability Analysis, PV Prototyping, Buildings Integrated PV (BIPV) applications, Failure Analysis for manufacturing industries, Fracture Mechanics, Company Audits


Ph.D.: Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany


Cordula Schmid, Ph.D., researches the reliability related analysis of solar PV technologies. She is the director of UML’s Photovoltaic Prototyping and Testing Lab, the Co-Director, Building Energy Efficiency and Temperature Control Materials Lab and the Associate Director of the Center for Energy Innovation. Prior to joining UML, Cordula worked for the Fraunhofer organization at locations in Germany and the U.S. for 15 years. She focused on identifying and mitigating mechanical and thermal loads in solar cells and PV modules to increase production yield and the durability of PV products. During this time, she also worked as in a consultant role for American, European, and Asian manufacturers to develop methods for reducing breakage losses during solar cell and module manufacturing.