NCC 2017 Summary

Symposium organizers Martin Cherniack and Mazen El Ghaziri (CPH-NEW) and Lisa Jaegers (SLU).

Symposium organizers Martin Cherniack and Mazen El Ghaziri (CPH-NEW) and Lisa Jaegers (SLU)

Second National Symposium on Corrections Worker Health

The second National Symposium on Corrections Worker Health was held on August 17, 2017 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Seventy five academic researchers, practitioners, and correctional organization leaders came together to discuss the how to advance health, safety and well-being for correctional workers. This event builds on the 2014 first National Symposium, held in Portland, Oregon.

The symposium program included podium and panel presentations by correctional department administrators from Connecticut, Oregon, Idaho, and California, and researchers from Northeastern University, Saint Louis University, University of Massachusetts Lowell, University of Connecticut, Desert Waters Correctional Outreach, and Threshold GlobalWorks.

Special thanks goes to Saint Louis University for hosting the event and coordinating logistics, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice-Prisoner Re-entry Institute, and the many collaborating partners/organizers who make up the National Corrections Collaborative.

Videos of selected presentation will be available soon – please check back in late September 2017.

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Agenda & Presentations


View all presentation slides or view each individual set of presentation slides below:


  1. Presentation 1: Health Improvement Through Employee Control (HITEC) Project in Connecticut: Participatory Approaches for Correctional Officer Health and Wellness (pdf) Presented by Mazen El Ghaziri, Ph.D., M.P.H., RN, Martin Cherniack, M.D., M.P.H., and Jeff Dussetschleger, DDS, M.P.H.
  2. Presentation 2:Wellness in Oregon’s Department of Corrections (pdf) Presented by Colette Peters, Director, Oregon Department of Corrections and Zach Erdman, Operations & Policy Manager
  3. Presentation 3: A Participatory needs assessment to Identify Correctional Workplace Health Interventions 2015-2016(pdf) Presented by Lisa Jaegers, Ph.D. OTR/LandCity of St. Louis Division of Corrections representatives and research partner
  4. Presentation 4: Stress, Trauma, and Suicide. Moderated by Ann Jacobs, Director, Prisoner Reentry Institute, John Jay College
    Speakers: Natasha A. Frost, PhD, Northeastern University -Correctional Officer Suicide and Officer Well-being presentation (pdf)
    Laurie Leitch, Ph.D., Director, Threshold Globalworks -Skill Power vs. Will Power presentation (pdf)
    Caterina Spinaris Ph.D., LPC, Director, Desert Waters Correctional Outreach -Corrections Worker Stress, Trauma, and Suicide presentation (pdf)

Round table presentations and discussions (30-minute sessions at each table - choose 2)

  • Table 1: The Total Worker Health®in Corrections approach in corrections
  • Table 2: Peer-to-peer CO support programs
  • Table 3: Interventions directed to support CO family life and CO work-life balance
  • Table 4: Workforce-led efforts to deal with substance misuse
  • Table 5: Interventions directed to critical incidents and post-traumatic stress, mental health
  • Table 6: Issues around using EAPs and other services for CO stress-related and other problems
  • Table 7: Low hanging fruit for health and the wellness at the workplace
  • Table 8: What’s on your mind for CO health and wellness?
  • Martin Cherniack, M.D., M.P.H.
    Professor of Medicine
    Co-Director CPH-NEW
    University of Connecticut Health Center
  • Jeff Dussetschleger, DDS, M.P.H.
    Project Coordinator
    Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace
    University of Connecticut Health Center
  • Mazen El Ghaziri, Ph.D., M.P.H., RN
    Assistant Professor
    Susan and Alan Solomont School of Nursing
    Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
    University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Natasha A. Frost, Ph.D.
    Associate dean for graduate studies in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities
    Associate professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
    Northeastern University
  • Paula L. Grubb, Ph.D.
    Acting Team Leader
    Work Organization and Stress Research Team
    Division of Applied Research and Technology
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  • Ann Jacobs
    Director, Prisoner Reentry Institute
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Lisa Jaegers, Ph.D. OTR/L
    Assistant Professor
    Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy, Doisy College of Health Sciences
    School of Social Work, College for Public Health & Social Justice
    Co-Director, Health Criminology Research Consortium
    Saint Louis University
  • Caterina G. Spinaris, Ph.D., LPC
    Executive Director
    Desert Waters Correctional Outreach
  • Maureen Buell
    National Institute of Corrections
  • Scott Semple
    Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Correction
  • Colette Peters
    Director, Oregon Department of Correction
  • Katherine Minnich
    Deputy Director, Human Resources, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Henry Atencio
    Director, Idaho Department of Correction
  • Laurie Leitch, Ph.D.
    Director, Threshold Globalworks
  • Angela Moore, Ph.D.
    Division Director, Justice Systems Research Division
    National Institute of Justice
    U.S. Department of Justice