As a public research university engaged with environmental justice communities, we partner with community-based organizations and other stakeholders to overcome health inequities and maximize the resiliency of the most vulnerable populations to the disproportional health impacts of climate change. Our intervention research engages and empowers diverse low-income and immigrant families, older adults and workers.

Meet Our Faculty

  • Suzanne Moore
    Master's Programs Director - Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Teaching Professor
    Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences, Climate Change Initiative

    Pathophysiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Clinical and Surgical Veterinary Medicine

  • Natalia Palacios
    Associate Professor
    Public Health, Climate Change Initiative

    Environmental Health and Neuro-Epidemiology

  • Joel Tickner, Ph.D.
    Public Health, SWIMMER, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, Climate Change Initiative (CCI)

    Environmental Health, Chemicals Policy, Pollution Prevention, Risk Assessment

  • David Turcotte, Sc.D.
    Research Professor; Director, Healthy Homes Program; Principal Investigator, The New England Consortium (TNEC)

    Sustainable housing, environmental and occupational health, community economic development