Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio. Host Bernice Butler with David Turcotte, with the Lowell Healthy Homes Program, and Maria Chavez, with the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio host Bernice Butler with David Turcotte of the Lowell Healthy Homes Program and Maria Chavez from the Union of Concerned Scientists.


Modern living relies on energy to power daily routines, impacting both the environment and personal well-being. Energy-efficient homes emerge as solutions, blending comfort with environmental responsibility. Leveraging advanced technologies and renewable sources, these homes minimize waste and reduce carbon footprints, benefiting inhabitants' health. 

The prevalent use of fossil fuels in energy production poses severe health risks, releasing pollutants that affect respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Additionally, fossil fuel extraction contributes to resource depletion and environmental imbalances, endangering public health. 

Recognizing the interconnection between daily life and energy consumption is crucial. Urgency to address fossil fuel dependency intensifies considering rising global temperatures, extreme weather events, and resource depletion. Embracing energy efficiency and renewables safeguards the planet for future generations and preserves present health and wellness. Informed choices illuminate a path to a healthier, more sustainable future, emphasizing the profound impact of our decisions beyond mere convenience.

Join host Bernice Butler as she explores and unpacks the intersection of Energy Production and Consumption with our Health with David Turcotte with Lowell Healthy Homes Program and Maria Chavez with the Union of Concerned Scientists. 

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