For more than 40 years, UMass Lowell has been a leader in wind, solar and nuclear energy – as well as energy storage and next-generation fuel systems. By partnering with industry, we have developed a model for addressing energy challenges through research collaborations. Companies can work side-by-side with our renowned faculty and talented students to develop tomorrow’s clean energy solutions. 

Meet Our Faculty

  • Ertan Agar
    Associate Professor
    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

    Electrochemical energy conversion and storage, mass/charge transport phenomena, electrochemical reaction kinetics, flowable slurry electrodes.

  • Jasmina Burek
    Assistant Professor, CWW Associate
    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Center for Women and Work (CWW), Climate Change Initiative (CCI), PERC, RURI

    Applying engineering and decision-making models to find solutions to climate change and environmental problems, energy and process modeling, multi-objective optimization, sustainability, system modeling and optimization for energy resilience, life cycle assessment (LCA), techno-economic analysis (TEA), climate smart housing, food insecurity in the cold supply chain, and handprint assessment.

  • Frank Colby
    Professor, Transfer Coordinator
    Environmental Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Initiative

    Weather modeling, analysis and forecasting, boundary layer meteorology

  • Kelly Hellman, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Economics, Climate Change Initiative

    Environmental Economics and Policy, Risk, Natural Hazards, Disaster Mitigation, Climate Change

  • Supriya Lahiri, Ph.D.
    Professor Emeritus
    Economics, Climate Change Initiative

    Applied Macro and Micro Models, Energy & Environmental Economics, Economics of Occupational Health

  • Stephen Lam, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, RHSA Mentor
    Chemical Engineering, River Hawk Scholars Academy (RHSA), Climate Change Initiative
  • Dalila Megherbi
    Associate Professor, Director CMINDS
    Electrical & Computer Engineering, Robotics

    Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, AI, Networking, Distributed & Embedded Systems

  • Christopher Niezrecki
    Distinguished University Professor; Director, Center for Energy Innovation; Co-director, Structural Dynamics & Acoustic Systems Laboratory; Co-director, Rist Institute for Sustainability and Energy
    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

    Renewable energy systems, wind turbine dynamics, structural dynamic and acoustic systems, smart structures, signal processing, optical sensing, structural health monitoring, non-destructive inspection, and smart materials

  • Arie Perliger, Ph.D.
    School of Criminology and Justice Studies, Climate Change Initiative

    Political Violence and Extremism, Security Policy and Politics, Far-Right Politics (Europe, US and Israel), Political Socialization, Middle Eastern Politics, Research Methodology (SNA).

  • Juliette Rooney-Varga, Ph.D.
    Professor, Director - Climate Change Initiative
    Environmental Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Initiative, Rist Institute for Sustainability and Energy

    Climate Change and Sustainability, Microbial Ecology, Biogeochemistry

  • Michael Ross
    Assistant Professor
    Chemistry, Climate Change Initiative

    Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Energy Materials, Photonics

  • Margaret Sobkowicz Kline, Ph.D.
    Plastics Engineering, Climate Change Initiative (CCI), ADVANCE, SWIMMER, HEROES, Making Waves, Center for Advanced Manufacturing of Polymers and Soft Materials, Climate Change Initiative

    Renewable polymers, Plastics processing, nanocomposites, organic photovoltaics and electronics, rheology, scattering

  • Joel Tickner, Ph.D.
    Public Health, SWIMMER, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, Climate Change Initiative (CCI)

    Environmental Health, Chemicals Policy, Pollution Prevention, Risk Assessment

  • Yi Yang, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research; Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Director, Jack M. Wilson Center for Entrepreneurship
    Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

    Strategic management and entrepreneurship