Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy - Manufacturing (virtual)


  • July 31 - August 1, 2023

Location (in-person)

  • UMass Lowell, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Course Description

This course teaches fundamental concepts in viral vectors for gene therapy and how to manufacture them. The course utilizes case studies and laboratory practices to demonstrate critical steps in the production of viral vectors.


  • David McNally (MassBiologics)
  • Phillip Tai (UMass Medical School)
  • Shekar Ganesa (MassBiologics)
  • Sangmook Lee (MassBiologics)
  • Tom Larkin (MassBiologics)
  • Mike Pietila (MassBiologics)
  • Gretchen Gee (MassBiologics)
  • Matthew Burak (MassBiologics)

Target Audience:

  • Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Bioprocess Engineer, or equivalent in Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals


  • Understand the major viral vector systems used for gene therapy and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Understand the major expression systems used to manufacture viral vectors for use in gene therapy
  • Understand the biochemistry of viral vectors, their quality attributes and how to measure them
  • Describe some common pitfalls to avoid when processing viral vectors
  • Execute transient transfection processes for the production of AAV using suspension HEK293 cells and process the material generated using filtration and chromatographic methods


  • M1. Intro to Viral Vectors and their use in gene therapy
  • M2. Upstream processing of Viral Vectors
  • M3. Video Tour of labs and cGMP facility
  • M4. Design of Manufacturing Facilities
  • M5. Expression Systems and Media Development
  • M6. Upstream Case Study - Perfusion Systems for Viral Vectors
  • M7. Video/Discussion of upstream methods
  • M8. Upstream Case Study – Mammalian and Inspect Expression Systems
  • M9. Downstream processing of Viral Vectors – Chromatography
  • M10. Downstream processing of Viral Vectors – Filtration
  • M11. Downstream Case Study -Viral Vector Downstream Processing
  • M12. Regulatory Considerations for Gene Therapy Products
  • M13. Video/Discussion of downstream methods
  • M14. Analytical Methods
  • M16. Analytical Case Study – Focus on CE-SDS Methods Chao-Xuan Zhang
  • M17. Analytical Case Study – LC/MS Methods for Viral Vectors
  • M18. Video/Discussion of Analytical Methods

The cost of attendance is $2,500; 50% discount for academic and government.

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