UMass Lowell has a number of programs that attract students interested in the field of disability including our Interdisciplinary Minor in Disability Studies, Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Studies, and our undergraduate and graduate programs in Education. Employers interested in recruiting our students can post an opening through our JobHawk website.

Many of these students also quality for work study through financial aid and could work with neurodiverse individuals and their families in a variety of roles and be paid through work study. They would need to work with individuals either at UMass Lowell or online.

Roles our students could fill:

  • Tutor for elementary, middle or high school student who needs additional support with their school work.
  • Mentor for high school students planning to transition to college.
  • Mentor for high school students planning to start their career following high school graduation.
  • Mentor for current college students who might need some additional supports, e.g. time management and organization strategies, socializing on campus, navigating their degree.
  • Companion for adolescent/young adult they can chat with.

If you would be interested in hiring one of our students through the work study program (so their salary is paid through work study funds), the process would be as follows:

If you are looking for a student to come to your home to provide tutoring / babysitting / mentoring you would need to hire them privately. Unfortunately, UMass Lowell’s Office of Student Employment is no longer able to post in-home positions. They post positions for licensed businesses and non-profit agencies. For in-home, unlicensed positions, we encourage you to seek out reputable caregiver websites for your posting.