Sambit Tripathi is a Doctoral Student at UMass Lowell.

Sambit Tripathi, Ph.D. '23

Alumni, Management Information Systems; Assistant Professor of Business, Technology, and Analytics, Portland State University

Manning School of Business
Management Information Systems

Research Interests

Business analytics, data mining, and business information systems.


  • Bachelor’s in Technology (B.Tech) in Manufacturing Science and Engineering Specialization
  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with majors in Systems/Operations


Before attending UMass, Sambit worked in a financial technology firm as a Business Consultant for three years based out of India. His primary task was to advise banks and financial institutions on using an Information System to improve the business activities belonging to loans (loan approval, management, collections).

Sambit completed his bachelor’s in technology (B.Tech) in Manufacturing Science and Engineering specialization and master’s in business administration (MBA) with majors in Systems/Operations from India. His research interests lie in data analytics and he is currently working on projects analyzing online reviews from Amazon and finding behavioral patterns in online labor platforms like Freelancer. He is also working on explaining and interpreting black-box machine learning models in the business context.

Selected Presentations

  • Tripathi, Sambit; Deokar, Amit V.; and Ajjan, Haya, "Understanding the order effect of online review sentiments and product features" (2020). Proceedings of the 2020 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA Symposium