Cintya Gajardo Vejar is a  Doctoral Student: Management Information Systems at UMass Lowell.

Cintya Gajardo Vejar

Doctoral Student: Entrepreneurship

Manning School of Business
Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Cintya’s professional experience began with research in 2013 related to products that can solve environmental problems in aquaculture, specifically in salmon farms, while working on her undergraduate thesis in Industrial Design. That ended with a patent, a preliminary paper, and a company dedicated to researched and development, called Oleaje, where Cintya became an entrepreneur. She also became part of YLAI (Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative), eventually serving as Chair of the Educations and Events Committee from the YLAI Alumni Advisory Board.

Cintya developed an interest in teaching technology and is developing social entrepreneurship projects in her native Chile.