The Manning School of Business Difference

“My undergraduate experience at UMass Lowell, (and the Manning School of Business) gave me the analytical skills and fundamental knowledge needed to do well in the financial services industry. The program taught me to think cross functionally and prepared me for diverse roles within a variety of business and corporate settings.”
— Bonnie Moulton, Senior Financial Analyst, Fidelity Investments
"My career is accelerating thanks to my UMass Lowell experience. I entered the program not sure of my goals, but quickly found my path to success. The faculty and staff provided me direction and offered me knowledge, experience, and insights I would not have gained at another school.The program was not easy, but provided me with skills that will serve me well. UMass Lowell exceeded my expectations and gave me the edge I needed for a successful career in high technology."
— Elizabeth Driscoll, Business Development Manager, Oracle
"Lowell has always been known as a school that graduated work-ready students. I believe the Manning School of Business produces graduates possessing a full tool kit of skills that makes them valuable additions to any corporate work force. I believe our graduates deserve the attention of demanding employers that hire them. They have earned it. I am extremely proud to be associated with the efforts of this institution."
— Kevin J. Perry, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P.
"In these uncertain economic times, it is a major advantage of the UMass Lowell Accounting program that its quality equals or exceeds that of more costly programs. The education I received set the stage for my Accounting career, and now "giving back" as an adjunct Auditing instructor in the Manning School of Business is very special."
– Jeff Mead ’78, Partner, Grant Thornton
"Practical knowledge is essential to being successful in public accounting, as well as in the financial services industry. UMass Lowell equipped me with the analytical skills I needed to assess financial conditions and implement strategies for organizational success."
– Jim Regan, CPA ’88, President/CEO, Digital Federal Credit Union
"I graduated in December, passed three parts of the CPA exam on the first try over the summer, and am scheduled to take my last part in November. I want to thank you and the Accounting professors at UMass Lowell for providing me with a solid foundation for taking on this challenge."
– Brooke Sliva '12
"I have worked regularly with UMass Lowell on employing or providing co-ops and internships for Accounting students. I am proud to tell you that we currently employ 15 UMass Lowell alumni; four are partners in our firm and one is our Chief Financial Officer."
– Donna DeRoche, PHR; Director of HR; MFA – Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico, LLP
“I visited the campus and it was everything I was looking for in a college experience. What surprised me most has been the high quality of education here and how much the instructors expect from you. I really feel that I am getting the best education possible.”
— Andy Hwang
“I chose UMass Lowell because of its high level of accreditation and the expanding Manning School of Business. It truly was the best opportunity. All of the professors are friendly and helpful and really care about every student.”
— Amanda McDonald
“Managers are the leaders of the business world. They are the glue that holds a company together (and) essential to the survival and growth of a business, large or small. No matter what field or what career...managers are always needed, their leadership wanted, and personal skills desired. This is why I intend to be a manager...If you have a similar drive or aspiration, then management is where you belong.”
— Nicholas Ostis '12
“It took me 30 years to get here, and 2 years to graduate with my BSBA; Cum Laude was the icing. There was just no way I could have gone any further without further education. The Manning School of Business has opened the doors that I just could not have opened alone.”
— Paul A. Canty '12