To register for the GE2 Workshop: log into the GE2 Idea Platform

Sign in:

  • If you have a UMass Lowell email, use the blue button to “Continue Signing In”
  • If you have a Gmail or Microsoft account, click “I don’t have a UMass Lowell Account.” Sign in using your Gmail or Microsoft credentials.
  • If you do not have any of these accounts, please email:
    Note: Using this login option, you will only be able to create your profile. To manage team information, you will need to email:

Step 1

Create a Profile: (all registrants must create a profile)

  • Click on the Create Profile button
  • To create your Profile, choose one of two options:
    • TeamMaker - I have an idea and I’m the team captain. I would like to create my team.
      • Choose this option if you have an idea and will be a Team Captain.
      • You will be directed to the Teambuilder page to add your idea information and create your team.
    • TeamSeeker – I am not associated with a team and would like to join one.
      • Choose this option if you would like your profile to be listed in “TeamSeekers”. As a TeamSeeker, you can look at existing teams and request to join a team, and team captains can view your profile and invite you to join their team.
  • Proceed to Team Builder or Teams and Team Seekers
    Note: These buttons are for registrants with profiles created using a UML, Gmail, or Microsoft email. Other users will need to email: to manage their account.

Step 2 

Create Team or Join Team

Teambuilder – (for TeamMakers /Team captains only)

Create New Team

  • Allows you to create your team, by adding your team name, description and team members.
  • Team captains can use this page to update and manage team info.

Teams and Teamseekers

  • Team Seekers: Lists profiles for all team seekers.
    • Team captains - invite a team seeker to join your team by clicking the mail icon next to the profile name. The team seeker will receive an email request to join your team. If they accept your request, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Teams: A list of approved teams, ideas, and if applicable, the skills they require for new team members.
    • Team seekers - click “email team” to request to join a team.
    • If the Team Captain accepts you onto the Team, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3

Submit Plan

  • This function is not enabled until the end of the workshop. At the conclusion of the GE2 Workshop, you will submit your Idea Pitch video through this portal. Detailed instructions will be sent to all GE2 Workshop participants. Only team captains can submit an Idea Pitch video for their team.

All Teams Require Approval from GE2

  • When teams are complete, final approval is required from GE2. Once your team is complete, GE2 will “approve” your team if it meets the team guidelines. (see Team Guidelines below). You will receive a confirmation email informing you that your team has been approved.
  • If your team is not approved, the team captain will receive an email stating the reason.  In such cases, you will need to go back to the Idea Platform to resolve the problem before requesting approval again.

Team Guidelines

  • Teams must be 2 to 5 team members.
  • Teams should include members from different countries.
  • Students should be on 1 team only.
  • Team Captains should create no more than 1 team.
  • All teams require 1 Team Captain. The Team Captain is the only member of the team with the ability to add or remove team members.