NOTE: If you are applying for Post OPT based on a “Graduate Certificate” program, you will NOT be eligible for the STEM Extension even if your graduate certificate is from a STEM acceptable field. Currently the STEM work authorization extension is only permitted for students who were issued the 12 months of Post OPT work based on bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level work Post-OPT.

NOTE on Taxes: Feel free to check these Internal Revenue Service Publications to familiarize yourself with tax regulations pertaining to international students:

You may contact the Office of Human Resources of your OPT employer with questions on taxation.

When you pick up your completed OPT I-20 form, the front office will assist you with any corrections that need to be made or missing paperwork. It will be your responsibility to complete any missing requirements before submitting your OPT Petition to USCIS. Failure to do so will result in your petition being returned to you by USCIS for additional information and will cause a delay to your processing.

USCIS MUST receive your Pre-OPT or Post-OPT Application within 30 days of the date ISSO printed your OPT I-20.

WARNING ON MAILING ADDRESS: There has been an increased number of students having issues with receiving their EAC. This has been due to a number of reasons. Make sure you do the following, in order to properly receive your EAC:

  • Have your full name on your mailbox.
  • Check the mail regularly for any Receipts, RFE's, Approval Notices. Also check my case status online for any updates.
  • Make sure that the Mailing Address on the Form I-765 does not change! Changing mailing addresses can complicate and delay receiving your EAC.