A J-1 Research Scholar already in the US participating in a J program at another institution can transfer their SEVIS record to UMass Lowell in order to continue their research or teaching objectives initiated at their current institution for which their J-1 visa was initially approved.

Please contact the ISSO to initiate this J-1 process. In addition to the standard J-1 eForm process required of every J-1 Research Scholar, prospective J-1 transfers will also need to complete a supplemental J-1 Scholar Transfer-In Request eForm. Please note, If you plan to travel before your release date to UMass Lowell or if you are overseas before your release date, please promptly contact your ISSO advisor and ARO, as this may impact or compromise your academic appointment at UMass Lowell.

This supplemental eForm will collect the necessary information and documentation so that the transfer of the J-1 SEVIS record from the scholar’s current institution to UMass Lowell is compliant with current regulations.

Specifically, the ISSO will want to ensure:

  • The planned J-1 program at UMass Lowell is a continuation of the research or teaching objectives initiated at the current institution;
  • The transfer release date – the date on which the J-1 scholar will begin their program at UMass Lowell – aligns with the planned program end date at the scholar’s current institution. There can be no gaps between the end of one J-1 program and the start of the next, so this transfer will need to be coordinated between the UMass Lowell (ISSO, the supervisor at UML, HR) and the International Office at the scholar’s current institution;
  • The scholar has not applied for nor has been granted a waiver of 212(e), the Two-Year Home Residency Requirement, if applicable

Once both eForms are completed and approved AND the SEVIS release date has been reached, the ISSO can extend the scholar’s J-1 status through the date determined by the UMass Lowell supervisor and issue a new DS-2019 (J-1 Visa Document) to the scholar reflecting this validity. Only then can the scholar commence his/her J-1 program at UMass Lowell.


A J-1 Research Scholar already in the US and engaging in a J-1 program at UMass Lowell can request a transfer of their SEVIS record to another qualifying institution to continue their research or teaching objectives there.

The scholar should contact the ISSO so that we can arrange a transfer of the scholar’s J-1 SEVIS record to the new institution.

The ISSO will:

  1. Determine the J-1 program end date at UMass Lowell to ensure that all necessary immigration or HR-related procedures are completed in accordance with university’s policies;
  2. Coordinate with the international office at the transfer institution the date on which the scholar’s J-1 SEVIS record will be released, ensuring there are no gaps between the UML program end date and the start date at the new institution
  3. Complete and submit the ISSO J-1 End of Program eForm found on the Forms and Guides webpage under the Scholar Forms tab. As part of that eForm, if transferring your SEVIS record out of UMass Lowell, you will be able to complete the required "Transfer-Out" portion of the eForm group.

Once the ISSO has determined eligibility for and coordinated the transfer-out request with the transfer-in institution, the ISSO can then schedule the SEVIS release date (the program end date at UMass Lowell). Thereafter, the transfer institution can prepare the scholar’s new, extended DS-2019 (J-1 visa document) so that he/she can continue their J-1 program there.