Assistance with I-983

The STEM OPT application process requires you to submit a formal Training Plan, Form I-983, to your Designated School Official (DSO). Please use the ICE I-983 Instructions (pdf) as a guide for how to complete the Form I-983. While the majority of the form is geared towards your formal training agreement with your employer, the following information may be helpful to you for completing page 1:

  • On page 1, for Designated School Official (DSO) Name and Contact Information, list the DSO (ISSO Advisor) who issued your Post-OPT I-20.
  • For SEVIS School Code Recommending STEM OPT, you can list:

Please note that USCIS is taking a strict stance on third party placement arrangements. We recommend students and STEM employers review the USCIS webpage on STEM OPT Employers Requirements and Responsibilities and third-party placements. The NAFSA third-party placement article may also be helpful.

For any additional questions, please email: