Students must submit their STEM Application to ISSO at least three weeks prior to their Post-OPT EAD expiry date. ISSO needs five to seven business days to review your documentation and process your STEM Recommended Form I-20.

Applying for STEM Extension is a two step process.

1. The first step is to apply for a STEM Extension recommended I-20 by submitting he required documents to ISSO through our online e-form:
Documents to Submit to ISSO

2. The second step is to apply for an Employment Authorization Card (EAC) by sending a list of documents to USCIS by mail. You will need the STEM I-20 to apply for the EAC:
Documents to Submit to USCIS

Once you apply for the STEM I-20, please allow five to seven business days for processing. ISSO does not take any requests for expedited processing, so please apply well in advance.