Mary Kate Keyes is a Clinical Instructor in the Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences dept. at UMass Lowell.

Mary Keyes, M.S., RD, LDN

Clinical Instructor, Nutritional Science Dietetics Option Program Director

Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences, Health Assessment Laboratory (HAL)
Dugan Hall - 110U


  • MS: Nutrition Communication, (2008), Tufts University - Boston, Mass.
  • BA: Biology, (2002), Merrimack College - North Andover, Mass.
    Supporting Area: History of Religion

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Poster (2007) - The Future of and Nutrition: A Multidiscinplinary Graduate Research Conference at Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition and Science Policy

Selected Publications

  • Keyes, M. (2009). Food Preservatives: Reading the 'Not-So-Fine' Print. Aetna InteliHealth
  • Keyes, M. (2009). Building Better Bones. Shaw's Wellbeing
  • Keyes, M. (2009). Skeleton Savvy. Shaw's Wellbeing
  • Keyes, M. (2009). The 3, 6 and 9s of Healthy Fats. Aetna lnteliHealth
  • Crott, J.W., Liu, Z., Keyes, M., Choi, S., Jang, H., Moyer, M.P., Mason, J.B. (2008). Moderate folate depletion modulates the expression of selected genes involved in cell cycle, intracellular signaling and folate uptake in human colonic epithelial cell lines. The Journal of nutritional biochemistry, 19(5) 328--335.
  • Liu, Z., Choi, S., Crott, J.W., Keyes, M., Jang, H., Smith, D.E., Kim, M., Laird, P.W., Bronson, R., Mason, J.B. (2007). Mild depletion of dietary folate combined with other B vitamins alters multiple components of the Wnt pathway in mouse colon. The Journal of nutrition, 137(12) 2701--2708.
  • Keyes, M., Jang, H., Mason, J.B., Liu, Z., Crott, J.W., Smith, D.E., Friso, S., Choi, S. (2007). Older age and dietary folate are determinants of genomic and p16-specific DNA methylation in mouse colon. The Journal of nutrition, 137(7) 1713--1717.
  • Gabriel, H.E., Crott, J.W., Ghandour, H., Dallal, G.E., Choi, S., Keyes, M., Jang, H., Liu, Z., Nadeau, M., Johnston, A., others, . (2006). Chronic cigarette smoking is associated with diminished folate status, altered folate form distribution, and increased genetic damage in the buccal mucosa of healthy adults. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 83(4) 835--841.
  • Choi, S., Keyes, M., Horrocks, P. (2006). LC/ESI-MS demonstrates the absence of 5-methyl-2′-deoxycytosine in Plasmodium falciparum genomic DNA. Molecular \& Biochemical Parasitology, 2(150) 350--352.
  • Choi, S., Friso, S., Keyes, M., Mason, J.B. (2005). Folate supplementation increases genomic DNA methylation in the liver of elder rats. British journal of nutrition, 93(1) 31--35.

Selected Presentations

  • Incorporating Technology into a Nutrition Course - UML Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences Spring retreat, 2017
  • Incorporating Hands on Learning Labs into the Classroom, November 2013 - Lowell, MA
  • Preparing Nutritionally, Mentally and Physically - 2010 Boston Marathon: John Hancock Sports and Fitness Expo Runners Seminar Series, April 2010 - Boston, MA
  • Color Your Diet: Explore the Benefits of Having a Rainbow of Variety in Your Diet - 2009 "Color Your World" Yoga Retreat, September 2009 - Plymouth, MA