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Research and scholarship efforts among faculty are centered on expanding the scientific body of knowledge for clinical practice and conducting research with a focus on promoting the health of individuals and families across the lifespan.  This encompasses a broad range of selected areas, including the cultural impact on health and the role of health disparities on individual and population health outcomes. 

Faculty are involved as co-directors/researchers with several of the research centers on campus:

Nursing Faculty Areas of Research

Abdallah, Lisa - Outcomes of geriatric nurse practitioners; DRINC Project (Dehydration Reduction in Nursing Home Residents by Caregivers); BDN project (Bring Diversity to Nursing)

Brewin, Dorothy - Racial and ethnic disparities in birth outcomes, adolescent pregnancy, life course models of care, continuity of care, contextual factors and their relationship to birth outcomes

Dowling, Jacqueline - Child health, stress and coping, and humor; Bring Diversity to Nursing (BDN) Pre-entry recruitment, retention, and mentor-mentee relationships; Human simulation technology integration in nursing education

Dodge, Lea - End-stage renal disease and diabetes among American Indians/Alaska Natives, dialysis outcomes, immunization compliance, wound care, and health promotion

Fantasia, Heidi - Reproductive and sexual health, sexual decision making, negotiation of sexual consent, impact of partner violence on contraception use, reproductive coercion, personal and partner-mediated sexual risk behaviors, sexual safety, and screening for physical and sexual violence

Futrell, May, Professor Emerita - Health behaviors among older adults including physical activity; cultural differences in health behaviors of older adults (phenomenological method); Alzheimer's research; dementia and wandering; nursing historical research including the Lowell Nursing Archives; DRINC project

Gautam, Ramraj - Social gerontology, more specifically late life intergenerational relationships, intergenerational programs, social support, caregiving, and mental health of older adults; Long-term care; Global aging and health

Keough, Lori - Population based research on adolescents and young adults including substance abuse, incarcerated, low socio-economic population research and health disparities. Advanced practice nursing education

King, Valerie - International service learning experiences and nursing students, qualitative research

Knight, Peggy - Negative effects of psychotropic medication; nursing interventions for acute psychiatric inpatients; mental health problems in older adults (anxiety, dementia, delirium, depression); impact of mental health problems on functional outcomes (IADL's, ADL's); influence of depressive symptoms, low mood and anxiety on health outcomes (pain, respiratory status, illness or surgical recovery etc.)

Koren, Ainat - Family planning, men's reproductive health; Health and safety of health care workers; Integration of technology into clinical practice; childhood obesity

Laccetti, Margaret - Oncology; Palliative Care, Pain Management, Education with Standardized Patients/Low Fidelity Simulation, New Graduate Nurse Residency Program Development, Leadership Development for Nurse Managers and Directors.

Mawn, Barbara - Health promotion behavior across the lifespan; health disparities; occupational health and safety adaptation to chronic illness; pediatric HIV infection; epidemiology; qualitative and quantitative methodologies

McCarron, Amy - Health promotion, the role of the advance practice nurse, and chronic illnesses

McDonough, Annette - Cardiac/implanted cardiac defibrillators sudden cardiac arrest in young adults/pediatrics; psycho/social issues in young adult cardiac patients, qualitative and mixed method

Devereaux Melillo, Karen - Investigating alternative primary care models for the aged from Medicare data; Development and pilot testing of a transitional care dedicated education unit; DNPs caring for the underserved in Massachusetts after health care reform; Physical activity and exercise among older adults; Gerontological nurse practitioner intervention outcomes research; promoting healthy and safe employment in healthcare PHASE project case study team co-coordinator and long term care team leader; DRINC project - Dehydration Reduction in Community-dwelling Older Adults; Bring Diversity to Nursing - pre-entry recruitment and retention of minority and economically disadvantaged students; Human Simulation Technology integration in nursing education (Sim-Man)

Morgan, Betty, Professor Emerita - Substance abuse and pain management - nursing staff interactions; pain prevalence among the chronically mental ill; health behaviors in those with chronic illness, End of life care/psychosocial issues in HIV; Palliative care in HIV and mental illness

Mote, Sandra - Teaching Undergraduate and Graduate students to design and lead therapeutic groups.  Mental health care promotion

Peters, Anya - Cardiovascular / Cardiothoracic Nursing

Phillips McEnany, Geoffry, Professor Emeritus - Behavioral sleep medicine, sleep and women's Health; Sleep dysregulation in psychiatric disease

Reece, Susan, Professor Emerita - Health behaviors including self-efficacy and social support during life transitions; perimenopausal health self-efficacy; cultural interpretations of illness using Kleinman's explanatory model; pediatric overweight; parenting

Simons, Shellie- Horizontal (lateral) violence, workplace bullying, workplace retention; enteral feeding; critical thinking in nursing education; pre-entry recruitment and retention of minority and economically disadvantaged students

Soroken, Laurie - Role of DNR in ICU settings, health promotion

Tremblay, Celeste - Technology and the effect it has on nursing medication errors; Simulation

Wilber, Jennifer - Health Promotion

Zhang, Yuan - Occupational Health, Shift Work and Sleep Health, Health-care Workforce

Additional research interests of specific faculty can be found on the Nursing faculty webpage.