I. Policy Statement

(Effective as of 3/1/2023)
The UMass Business and Travel Expense Policy was updated and approved by the Board of Trustees on Dec. 16, 2021. On July 1, 2022, the new policy and standards were adopted by all UMass campuses. One change that was adopted is, all events, with food and beverage over $500, must be pre-approved. Some departments have multiple events over $500 throughout the fiscal year that would require pre-approval. The Alcohol at Events policy requires pre-approval for all events with alcohol. This procedure allows those departments to be able to do a one-time pre-approval with a listing of all the events and to note whether the event will have alcohol during the fiscal year that the pre-approval will cover.
NOTE: Any events with alcohol have to be in compliance with UML’s Alcohol and Beverages policy.

II. Purpose

The purpose is to establish guidelines and procedures for a blanket approval for all events over $500 with food, beverage, and/or alcohol.  

III. Scope

These procedures apply to all departments that have events over $500 with food, beverage, and/or alcohol.

IV. Procedures

Fill out the Pre-Approval Form for Events over $500 (docusign) on the UPST website and upload the blanket approval spreadsheet. The approval must include the authorizations outlined in the BTE Policy. All departments are required to retain a copy of the fully executed preapproval form as well as the attached spreadsheet for seven years from the approval date. 
When submitting for reimbursement, reconciling your Bank Card, or submitting an invoice for payment, you must include a copy of the signed Pre-Approval form.
Any questions, please email the Controller’s office at controller@uml.edu

VI. Responsibility

The Controller’s Office is the department responsible for implementing the procedure. All campus departments are responsible for adherence to the procedure.