There are various resources on campus to help support a student around any challenges they may be experiencing that could impact their academics.

Medical Withdrawal Process 

If a student has a medical condition that is interfering with their ability to complete their coursework. They are encouraged to work with Health Services to complete a medical withdrawal. For more information, please review the Medical Withdrawal Policy (docx) as well as visit Health Services.

Student Assessment, Referral, and Support (STARS)

STARS, The UMass Lowell Behavioral Intervention Team, is a collaborative team made up of representatives from across the University. This team meets weekly during the academic year, and biweekly over the summer, to discuss students whose behavior has caused concern by someone at the University.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for students to receive additional support or intervention has only increased. The purpose of the STARS team is to look out for each of our students and get them whatever help we can provide.

NOTE: In cases where a student’s behavior poses an imminent threat to themselves or another person, contact the University Police immediately at Ext. 44-911 or 978-934-2911.

UMass Lowell (UML) Strive: Student Support Resources

UML Strive is committed to supporting students through access to food, housing, and additional resources needed to successful attain their academic goals at UMass Lowell. Resources include: 

Ways to Contribute

There are several ways to contribute if you are interested in donating to resources and funds designed to help students in need, food insecure students, and housing insecure students.