Mack the peregrine falcon
Mack, one half of UMass Lowell's adopted River Hawks, has died.


UMass Lowell is saddened to report the death of one of its own, Mack, the male peregrine falcon who with his mate of nearly a decade, Merri, was adopted by the university in April.

Mack was found on the ground near Fox Hall Saturday afternoon and identified by a band he wore. He leaves behind Merri and several offspring, including four chicks, hatched May 25-27.

The state’s wildlife office is investigating the cause of death.

Mack and Merri paired up in 2005, according to veteran falcon watchers Ursula and Dave Goodine, who followed the couple and their chicks over the years. 

State fish and wildlife scientists have told the university that Merri will be able to hunt and feed her brood even without her mate. It is possible that an unmated male peregrine could enter the area, which may disrupt the young family. 

Scientists will continue to monitor the nest and chicks to see how Merri reacts to this loss and to note any changes in the family. 

UMass Lowell remains committed to the welfare of its adopted falcons and will work closely with state conservationists to ensure a healthy and safe environment for these wild animals to live in. We will provide any additional information as soon as it is available regarding the death and how the family is responding.