UMass Lowell Image
Merri and Lance live near Fox Hall all year round. This nest cam capture was taken the afternoon of Aug. 25.


Avid falcon watcher Imelda Joson says there has been no sighting of the four young falcons at Fox Hall for three weeks now, and so we can safely assume that they had successfully fledged and left the nest site for good. They are probably exploring new territories to find a suitable place to settle down and start their own families. (Last year, one of Merri and Mack’s previous offspring had been spotted nesting atop the 30-story Bank of America building in Providence, R.I.) Meanwhile, Merri and Lance will continue to hang around Fox Hall until the next nesting season. 

In view of this welcome development, effective Monday, Aug. 31, the university’s nest cameras will be turned off for the year. We would like to thank the thousands of people from across the country who have been following the lives of the UMass Lowell falcons since spring. We hope you will join us again next year, when Merri and Lance start a new family! 

You can follow them anytime on Twitter @UMLHawkwatch and news updates @Edwelda.