Chandra Waring is an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department at UMass Lowell.

Chandra D.L. Waring

Assistant Professor

College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Dugan Hall 205L


Race/racism, Bi/multiracial Americans, Intersections of race and gender, Qualitative research methods


  • Ph.D.: Sociology, University of Connecticut, 2013
    • Dissertation: "Beyond 'Code-switching:' Racial Capital of Black / White Biracial Americans"
  • Graduate Certificate: Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of Connecticut, 2010
  • M.A: Sociology, University of Connecticut, 2009
  • B.A.: Sociology, University of Connecticut, 2007


Chandra D. L. Waring's research focuses on the growing bi/multiracial American population. Her first study centered the experiences of Black/white biracials by exploring their family relationships, immigrant connections, dating patterns and preferences and their interactions with the white and Black communities. Her work decenters the short-sighted, yet convenient narrative that the increasing bi/multiracial Black/white population is evidence of a less racially contentious and more racially harmonious society. In a population that is often framed as the embodiment of a racial panacea, her work illuminates the complex and invisibilized racial realities of this community.

Her new study examines the comprehensive impact of whiteness in the bi/multiracial population of a variety of racial backgrounds (Black/white, Latinx/white, Asian/white and Indigenous/white). She explores how this subgroup articulates white privilege, how they experience white privilege and how white ancestry-and particularly appearing white-generates some disadvantages for them. She also investigates how their racial and ethnic backgrounds are policed by monoracials (single-race individuals). Her research complicates and updates the literature on white privilege and expands the scholarship on bi/multiracials by focusing on individuals of many bi/multiracial backgrounds.

Selected Publications

  • Waring, Chandra D. L. 2022. “Appearance, Parentage and Paradox: The White Privilege of Bi/Multiracial Americans with White Ancestry.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. doi:
  • Waring, Chandra D. L. 2021. "Introduction: You Make Me Proud" in Trailblazers: Black Women Who Helped Make America Great: Volume 1. Gabrielle David. 2Leaf Press: New York.
  • Waring, Chandra D. L. 2020. “Black and Biracial Americans Wouldn’t Need to Code-Switch if We Lived in a Post-Racial Society” in America Now: Short Essays on Current Issues (13th Edition).
  • Waring, Chandra D. L. 2019. "Black and Biracial Americans Wouldn't Need to Code-Switch if We Lived in a Post-Racial Society" in America Now: Short Essays on Current Issues (13th Edition).
  • Waring, Chandra D. L. and Samit D. Bordoloi. 2019. "'I Don't Look Like Her:' Race, Resemblance and Relationships in Multiracial Families." Sociological Perspectives. 62(2): 149-166. *Editor's Pick
  • Waring, Chandra D. L. and Bandana Purkayastha. 2017. "'I'm a Different Kind of Biracial:' How Black/White Biracial Americans with Immigrant Parents Negotiate Race in the U.S." Social Identities. 23(5):614-630.
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