The Department of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, through excellence in teaching, research and service, seeks to contribute to a rigorous, scientific understanding of society that will serve as a powerful resource for strengthening citizenship and communities. We are dedicated to providing an environment in which students gain the skills to think critically and to contribute to social justice and community building through their academic and professional work.

Why choose sociology at UMass Lowell?

Majoring in sociology at UMass Lowell provides an enriching program of study for students interested in understanding society's effect on people and people's effect on society, based in a social justice perspective.Sociology students at UMass Lowell delve deeply into issues surrounding class, gender, sexuality, race, and physical ability, with a focus on inequalities. Through coursework, service learning, and research, students gain the skills to think critically, to analyze structures of organizations and to view society from a critical perspective. 

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