The Master of Public Administration at UMass Lowell prepares students for successful careers in the public and not-for-profit sectors through the development of managerial, communication & analytical skills.

Bachelor's to Master's Option

Current undergraduate UMass Lowell students in any field of study with a GPA of 3.000 or greater may apply to the bachelor's to master’s program during their junior or senior year, and will be permitted to apply up to 12 graduate-level credits earned as an undergraduate to their MPA degree. 

Note: Students may not transfer credits earned as an undergraduate to the Public Administration Certificate Program, only to the full MPA.

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FAQ about Master in Public Administration

Why is MPA at UMass Lowell a good choice for me?

Students will learn from an engaging and versatile faculty group with hands-on learning experiences to emphasize the values and ethics of public service. Students in the MPA program will focus in one of three tracks, Justice Administration, Human Service Management or Public Humanities and the Arts, allowing the student to develop skills relevant to their current career goals or aspirations. For more information on if the MPA is right for you, please email:

Can I get my MPA at UML around my full time work schedule? Can I be an MPA student part time? Are there evening/online class options?

Yes! The MPA at UMass Lowell is designed to accommodate traditional master's students and working professionals. The program offers a flexible course schedule that includes online, afternoon and evening classes. While a traditional full time course load is nine credits (3 classes) students may work with their academic adviser to develop options for part time attendance in the program. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for a complete summary of graduation requirements.

What are the admission requirements for the MPA program?

Visit the Online Academic Catalog for a complete description of admission requirements.

How long will the MPA program take to complete?

Students in the MPA program are required to complete 39 credit hours of coursework, meaning most full time students should complete the program in four semesters. Part-time students will work closely with their academic adviser to develop a manageable plan for completion of the program. Please see the academic catalog for a complete description of graduation requirements.

Are there internships available in the MPA program?

Yes, the MPA Program has developed close working relationships with community partners in all three option areas. Students interested in internship opportunities should work with their faculty adviser to determine what option is best suited for them.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes. Both full- and part-time students may apply for financial aid to meet their needs.

Visit the Solution Center for information about applying for financial aid.

All students who apply to the full-time MPA program will be considered for partial tuition reimbursement through Chancellor and Provosts awards.  Additionally, students may apply for a limited number of paid research opportunities as they become available. Contact your academic adviser for more information regarding these potential opportunities.

Which option area is best for me?

MPA students will decide between Justice Administration, Human Service Management or Public Humanities and the Arts as their primary concentration. Each option has a unique set of requirements and electives that will help to prepare graduates for the workplace, and students will be able to develop job and career specific skills. If you are unsure which option area might be best for you, please reach out to us to discuss.  

Where can I get more information about the MPA at UMass Lowell?

Please email: and a representative will be happy to discuss the program and how it might work for you.