Justice Administration

Justice Administration curriculum is designed to equip students with the fundamental skills, abilities and capacities that make for successful administrative career in the justice system.  Areas for focus include leadership, data analysis, managing staff, developing and overseeing budgets and other aspects of fiscal affairs, strategic planning, media relations, and community engagement.  Students who choose this track will find themselves well-prepared to qualify for and succeed at high-level positions in law enforcement, courts, corrections and juvenile justice.

The JA faculty include a range of experienced managers with years of experience administering programs in the courts, jail system, law enforcement agencies and community based organizations. 

The Justice Administration (JA) program has been guided by a public advisory group that includes representatives from the court system, Department of Corrections, Department of Youth Services, Sheriffs Departments, and the Lowell Police Department.

Students will develop skills through coursework that emphasize distinctive management challenges inherent in the court and criminal justice system within the United States including:

  • Understanding the complex leader and manager roles in both the criminal and civil justice system
  • Practices to manage and develop and promote interpersonal diversity, equity and inclusion among teams and within diverse groups that operate within organizational settings.
  • Practical and applied policy development and practices 
  • Strategies for boosting motivation and morale among diverse teams
  • Critical and creative approaches to solving management problems
  • Understanding the nature and importance of organizational culture

Our alumni advanced their careers at:

  •     Municipal fire and police departments
  •     Sheriff Offices and county prisons
  •     Trial courts

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