A religious leader attends the dedication of a city memorial honoring Mandela’s work and legacy.

A major in Philosophy with a concentration in Philosophy & Religious Studies requires a combination of required introductory courses, Philosophy and Religious Studies electives and Interdisciplinary courses.

Students should choose those courses that are most suitable to their particular interests. Not all of these courses will be offered in a given academic year; students may contact the Chair of Philosophy to determine when a given course will be offered. New courses relevant to Philosophy & Religious Studies may be added to the catalog from time to time; students may contact their advisors to determine whether a new course will count towards the Philosophy & Religious Studies concentration.

In satisfying the Philosophy & Religious Studies electives requirement, students may also take courses from other departments that are relevant to the Philosophy & Religious Studies concentration.

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Senior Capstone Requirement

All students are required to complete a senior thesis of a minimum of 20 pages on a topic of their choice, completed during the senior year.

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