UMass Lowell's Department of Philosophy holds diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values. We believe in the equal value of all faculty, students, and staff. We also condemn any form of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability status, ethnicity status, and any other underrepresented identity category. 

Statement of Inclusion

The UML Philosophy Department recognizes that contemporary philosophy is significantly less inclusive than it should be. Despite more recent efforts to diversify the field and recognize underrepresented voices in the discipline, philosophy remains noticeably less diverse than other disciplines in the humanities. As a department, we are dedicated to continued efforts to diversify our own department and the field at large, and to hold inclusion and equity as principles central to our mission. 

Commitment to Inclusive Climate 

If any student, faculty, or staff member has a concern about the climate in our department, we encourage you to reach out and use available university resources. Individual concerns can be shared with the department chair or dean’s office. If you are impacted by sexual harassment or violence, please access these resources. Individuals requiring further support can also reach out to counseling services. Outside resources can be found through the Center for Hope and Healing in Lowell. 

Philosophy Courses in Diversity and Cultural Awareness

The philosophy department contributes to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion through our course offerings. The following courses are approved as Essential Learning Outcomes in Diversity and Cultural Awareness: