Fall or Spring Internships for Credit

Register for Internship I (3 credits)

No permission number needed but must meet pre-requisite (Critical Methods, Intro Professional Writing, Intro Creative Writing, OR Play Analysis).

Meets 75 minutes a week in classroom, 8-10 hours a week on site, unpaid.

Simply sign up for Internship I and you are guaranteed an internship!

Email English_Internships@uml.edu about what you are interested in doing, so we can begin to make arrangements.

Summer Internships for Credit

Apply for Placement in Practicum (1-3 credits)

Permission only, no classroom sessions, 120 hours total, unpaid but earn 3 credits, tuition due since this is a course. Students must apply with Request for Placement form (doc) or contact the Internship Coordinator: English_Internships@uml.edu

About the Course

An Internship offered through the English Department is a three-credit COURSE, not an unpaid job. Plan for it as you would any academic obligation, and count it as a part of your regular course load for the term.

The course requires 8-10 hours unpaid, relevant work each week (the normal class plus prep time a capstone course would take each week). Some students schedule four hour blocks two days a week for 15 weeks, others do three hour blocks three days a week for 13.5 weeks, etc. Most sites are flexible about scheduling during business hours.

Course assignments for Internship I are focused on career building and reflection, and there are weekly, 75-minute, face-to-face class meetings (except in summer when we do not meet in person), plus your weekly internship hours. The course is graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory rather than with a standard letter grade.