The English Department is a dynamic community of faculty and students committed to the study of literature and culture, the practice of writing, and the performance of theatre. We value equity and inclusion, and stress critical reading, rhetorical awareness, and process-based writing as ways of engaging with cultural, social, and political realities in informed, meaningful, and nuanced ways. Well versed in both teaching and research, our faculty is committed to transformational education that allows our students to excel and to pursue their goals and ambitions. Small class sizes and highly personalized advising enhance student learning and performance by allowing for a great deal of individual attention from our expert and nationally recognized faculty.

An English degree is one of the most versatile degrees in the humanities, and our majors pursue a wide array of career paths in the editing and publishing industries, law, journalism, teaching, creative writing, advertising and marketing, professional and technical writing, and work with a range of cultural organizations including theatres, libraries, museums, and non-profit organizations. The English Department is committed to community and public engagement, and our longstanding relationships with companies and organizations in the region allow students to gain hands-on experience in the fields that interest them through service learning, internships, and other experiential opportunities.

Please refer to our Programs of Study page to learn more about our different concentrations and minors: Creative Writing, Journalism and Professional Writing, Literature, and Theatre Arts.