UMass Lowell is one of five state universities that comprise the University of MA system and is the second-largest public institution in the state. 

Located in Lowell, MA, the campus hosts a community of approximately 1,100 faculty members and 18,000 students across three main campus clusters: North, South, and East Campus, as well as multiple satellite campuses in the region.  

As of 2023, UMass Lowell’s annual energy consumption budget totals 51,685 MWh for electricity and 252,000 Dth for Natural Gas. This equates to an annual energy budget of $13.2 million with about 26% allocated to Natural Gas and 74% to Electricity, respectively.  UML dedicates roughly 38% of its total budget to support the North Campus main electric feed and steam plant; 21% to support the South Campus main electric feed and steam plant. UML’s average daily peak load is about 6 MW and utilizes 250,000 annual Dth for heating purposes. 

UMass Lowell’s major energy generation and distribution networks include:

  • District Steam and Electric distribution on the North and South Campuses
  • 246 kW of solar generation across Dugan Hall, Leitch Hall, Bourgeois Hall, and Costello Athletic Center
  • 200 kW solar canopy on South Campus Garage
  • 250 kW tier-4 generator at the Campus Recreation Center