John McKelliget is a Professor in the Francis College of Engineering's Mechanical Engineering Department at UMass Lowell.

John W McKelliget

Professor Emeritus

Francis College of Engineering
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
(978) 934-2974


Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Plasma Processing

Research Interests

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Plasma Processing


  • Ph D: Mathematics and Computer Studies, (1980), Sunderland Polytechnic - Sunderland, U.K.
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: "The development of mathematical models describing the behavior of submerged gas jets in melts"
  • BS: Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, (1975), University of Exeter - Exeter, U.K.

Selected Presentations

  • "Fluid Flow Modeling of a Momentum Barrier Biological Safety Cabinet" - The Baker Company, - Sanford, Maine
  • "Service-learning in core courses throughout a mechanical engineering curriculum" - ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings, June 2007 - Honolulu, HI
  • "Interweaving Numerical Processing Techniques in Multisemester Projects" - 2005 ASEE Conference, June 2005 - Portland, Oregon
  • "Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Steel or Steel/Slag Baths of a DC Electric Arc Furnace Under the influence of the Arc and Gas Injection" - The Brimacombe Memorial Symposium, October 2000 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • "Fluid Dynamic Calculations of High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Thermal Spraying Process" - Annual Meeting of the Materials Research Society, November 1999 - Boston, MA
  • "World Wide Web Based Instruction in Finite Element Analysis" - UMASS Instructional Technology Conference, April 1997 - Boxborough, MA
  • "A Mathematical Model of an Inductively Coupled RF Plasma Torch Used for Particle Melting and Spheroidization: Part 1 - Model Description and User Manual", December 1990 - Waltham, MA
  • "A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the CVD of Silicon Nitride on Cemented Carbide Tools" - 119th Annual Meeting of the Metallurgical Society, February 1990 - Anaheim, CA
  • "Thermal-Hydraulic Characteristics of Gas Cooled Particle Bed Reactors" - Proceedings of the 4th Int. Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics, October 1989
  • "Theoretical Prediction of the Effect of Coil Configuration on the Mixing of Gases in an Inductively Coupled Plasma Torch" - 1st Alabama Materials Research Conference, September 1987 - University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • "Heat and Fluid Flow Phenomena in Arc Welding Operations" - Modeling and Control of Casting and Welding Processes, Proceedings of the Third Conference, 1986 - Santa Barbara, CA
  • "A Mathematical Model of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Torch", September 1986 - Waltham, MA
  • "The Mathematical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Thermal Plasma Systems", February 1986 - Waltham, MA
  • "A Mathematical Representation of Heat and Fluid Flow Phenomena in Arcs With Special Reference to Argon and Particle Injection", January 1986 - Carnegie-Mellon University
  • "The Modeling of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Arc Furnaces" - 4th International Arc Furnace Meeting, September 1985 - Budapest, Hungary
  • "Characterization of the Molten Weld Pool" - 114th Annual Meeting of TMS, February 1985 - New York City
  • "Plasma/Melt Interactions in Plasma Furnaces" - 114th Annual Meeting of TMS, February 1985 - New York City
  • "A Mathematical Representation of the Plasma Spraying Process" - 112th Annual Meeting of TMS, March 1983 - Atlanta
  • "A Comprehensive Model of a Plasma Spraying Process" - Proc. 7th Conf. on Vacuum Metallurgy, 1982 - Tokyo, Japan
  • Mathematical Model of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Spraying Process - Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Vacuum Metallurgy: Special Meltings and Metallurgical Coatings, 1982 - Tokyo, Japan
  • "Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Studies of Rapid Solidification Phenomena in Plasma Spraying" - 1982 TMS Fall Meeting, October 1982
  • "A Mathematical Model of the Electric Arc Furnace", July 1982 - Washington, D.C.
  • "A Mathematical Model of Heat and Fluid Flow Phenomena in the Electric Arc Furnace" - Proc. 3rd Int. Arc Furnace Conf., 1981 - Moskolc, Hungary
  • "On the Modeling of Submerged Gas Jets" - Proc. Int. Conf. on Gas Injection into Liquid Metals, April 1979