The Francis Academy of Distinguished Engineers recognizes graduates of the Francis College of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell that have achieved a distinguished record of leadership in their chosen profession or life’s work, whether in the academic, corporate, entrepreneurial, non-profit, government or military sector; and performed outstanding service to the college, university or profession. It is expected that the awardee is a person of such integrity, stature, demonstrated ability and renown, that the faculty, staff, students and alumni of the Francis College of Engineering will take pride in, and be inspired by, his or her recognition.

Meet The Francis Academy of Distinguished Engineers

  • Lawrence Acquarulo, Jr.
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1981

    CEO, Foster Corporation

  • Joseph Albanese
    BS Civil Engineering, 1984

    President and CEO, Commodore Builders

  • BS Civil Engineering, 1979

    President, ISR & Space Systems, UTC Aerospace Systems

  • Elizabeth Blackwood
    BS Mechanical Engineering, 1991

    CQO and VP Pharmaceuticals Quality and Compliance, Johnson and Johnson, Co.

  • Lisa Brothers
    BS Civil Engineering, 1984

    President and CEO, Nitsch Engineering

  • Paul Colby
    MS Plastics Engineering, 1986

    Former President, Spirex Corporation

  • Cindy Conde
    BS Industrial Engineering, 1987; MS Manufacturing Engineering 1990

    Chair, BioTech / MedTech Cluster

  • James Dandeneau
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1980

    Co-CEI, Polymedex Discovery Group

  • Joseph C. Day
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1966

    President, Day Technologies, LL

  • BS Electrical Engineering, 1960

    Founder, Past President and CEO, Data General Corporation

  • BS Pure and Applied Sciences, 1953

    Chairman, President and CEO, Uniroyal Holding, Inc.

  • Norman Fowler
    BS, MS Plastics Engineering, 1980, 1981

    President, Keys Six Sigma

  • Joseph C. Gandolfo
    BS Electrical Engineering, 1966

    Past President, Worldwide Manufacturing, Mattel Corporation

  • BS Industrial Technology, 1978

    Founder and Former President, Chassis Engineering

  • Sandra Green
    MS Electrical Engineering, 1984

    CEO n-Link

  • Harish Hande
    MS Energy Engineering '98, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering '00

    Co-Founder, SELCO India John Roughan BS Textile Engineering '48 Vice President, Monsanto

  • William Hellmuth
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1977

    Director, Gloucester Engineering

  • Thomas R. Hughes
    BS Mechanical Engineering, 1964

    Founder and President, Thomas R. Hughes & Associates

  • Michael F. Johnston
    BS Industrial Management, 1969

    Past President and COO, Visteon Corporation

  • Cheryl Katen
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1966

    General Manager, Home Imaging Hewlett Packard (ret.)

  • Michael Kerouac
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1983

    President, EMC Computer Systems

  • Robert Lefort
    BS Electrical Engineering, 1983

    President, Infineon Americas

  • Lawrence Lin
    Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Plastics Engineering, 1990

    President, Grand Dynasty Industrial Co.

  • James McDonough
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1976

    Vice President Operations, Zippo Manufacturing Company

  • Francis McKone
    BS Mechanical Engineering, 1956

    Past President and CEO, Albany International Corporation

  • Leo J. Montagna
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1970

    President, Lee Plastics Inc.

  • Margo T. Oge
    BS, MS Plastics Engineering, 1972, 1975

    Former Director, Transportation and Air Quality, EPA

  • Rick Pierro, Jr.
    BS Chemical Engineering, 1983

    Co-Founder and President, Superior Controls, Inc.

  • Henry J. Powell
    BS Mechanical Engineering, 1955

    Founder and President, The Powell Corporation

  • David Preusse
    BS Mechanical Engineering, 1985

    President, Wittmann Battenfeld

  • John E. Quinn
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1969

    President and CEO, Excel Polymers, LLC

  • Kevin Raftery
    BS Mechanical Engineering, 1984

    Vice President and General Manager of ISR Airborne and National Security Space (NSS) Systems of Collins Aerospace

  • MK Raheja
    Ph.D. Plastics Engineering, 1985

    Head, Opthalmic R&D Johnson and Johnson Vision

  • BS Textile Engineering, 1948
  • Mark E. Russell
    BS Electrical Engineering, 1983

    Vice President, Engineering, Raytheon

  • Mark Saab
    BS Plastics Engineering, 1981

    President, Advanced Polymers

  • Marc Todd
    BS Electrical Engineering, 1995

    President and CEO, IneoQuest Technologies

  • Robert Ward
    BS Chemical Engineering, 1977

    President and CEO, ExThera Medical Corporation