Hazardous Receiving inventories any hazardous material that comes to UMass Lowell so that there is an accurate accounting of what hazardous materials are on campus, in case of an emergency.

Our operation delivers hazardous materials to appropriate labs across campus. Every package that is inventoried makes it easier for those looking for a package to locate it. 

Can't Find a Package?

If you are looking for a package, email Hazardous_Receiving@uml.edu with either the PO number of the shipment, the tracking number or both.

Ship a Package

If you are looking to ship a package, we ship every Tuesday. Things you need to know before you ship:
  • Packages can’t exceed 20 lbs.
  • All packages need to be packed in a cardboard box prior to drop off 
  • If the package is cold, it must be in a Styrofoam box inside of a cardboard box
  • All packages need to be dropped off to the Hazardous Materials Operations office at Olney Hall room LG1C before noon on the day of shipping.
  • Prior to requesting Hazardous Shipping,