Hazardous Materials Operations can account for your chemical inventory by coming to your lab and taking a record of what you have so we can give you an accurate list of materials in your lab. 
When this process is concluded we can produce a new and correct list of chemicals in your inventory. This procedure is important to do so we know more precisely what’s in the lab in case of any emergency we have access to and can produce an updated list of chemicals in labs and buildings. 
If you would like the Office of Hazardous Materials to perform a Chemical Inventory in your lab, email Hazardous_Receiving@uml.edu 

Chemical Barcodes

All hazardous chemicals should be barcoded for chemical inventories. if a chemical is not barcoded, it should be barcoded and added to the inventory by emailing Hazardous_Receiving@uml.edu that you need a chemical barcoded. 
When a chemical is empty and has a barcode, submit the barcode number to Hazardous_Receiving@uml.edu so we can dispose of it in our system.

Chemical Transfers

When relocating labs, we can assist in the safe removal/move of all your chemicals to your new lab. 
Lab workers are not permitted to transfer hazardous materials between labs, and all hazardous materials need to be assigned in our Vertere system to the new lab location. 
To schedule a chemical move, email Hazardous_Receiving@uml.edu