We prepare the next generation of educators, researchers, evaluators, and policymakers to be leaders of change who are ready to meet current and future, local, national, and global challenges. We do this through innovative teaching that inspires curiosity and critical thinking, service that promotes the the diverse communities with whom we partner, and impactful research that strives to make inclusive academic excellence possible across a wide range of educational contexts. In doing so, we move closer to our vision of a better and more just democratic society.


As stewards of a better and more just democratic society, we rely on coherent, rigorous standards and curriculum as well as innovative instructional methods that leverage technology and physical space to ensure authentic student learning.

We value the unique perspectives and experiences that reflect our student body, diverse in terms of language, racial identity, culture, ethnicity, and abilities. We work to ensure the academic success of all of our students.

We address pressing, intractable educational problems with rigorous and relevant research.

We recognize the role education can play in responding to critical world issues, including systemic racism and climate change, and aim to develop educators and educational leaders who foster equity and environmental sustainability.

We partner with organizations that share our commitment to and enhance our capacity to prepare the next generation of leaders.

We collaborate as members of a diverse and inclusive professional community; through our collegial interactions we learn from and with each other.