The University of Massachusetts Lowell, as a public higher education institution of the Commonwealth, recognizes its responsibility to promote the interests and welfare of the public it serves. We are a community dedicated to learning, teaching, pursuing new knowledge through scholarly works and serving society. Each member of the community contributes to the goals of the institution through their unique and individual talents.  

As a community of unique individuals, we have a shared commitment to uphold core values of respect for all persons, integrity in all of our interactions and social justice for all. We, at UMass Lowell, strive to advance a climate whereby equity, transparency, fairness, safety and inclusion are valued so that all of its members, faculty, staff and students, can fully engage and thrive.

Through our commitment to upholding these core values, we as individuals and a community, dedicate ourselves to the principles below, as they are vital to the success of our university and each other. We each have a responsibility for seeing these tenets embraced and integrated into the fabric of our institution, at all levels of operation, and in all that we do. 

  1. We affirm each individual's right to dignity and collectively strive to promote a culture of care and justice, marked by mutual respect for each other.
  2. We value the cultural diversity of members of the UMass Lowell community and commit to pluralism as an approach that recognizes multiplicity as a starting point. We acknowledge that diverse ways of knowing, being and experiencing the world strengthen our capacity as global citizens. 
  3. We acknowledge that our society carries historical and divisive biases and commit to the dismantling of preconceived prejudices and judgments about people and their cultural values. We seek to foster respect, understanding, empathy and compassion among individuals and groups, while creating opportunities to deepen our awareness, responsiveness and responsibility towards each other. 
  4. We reject all acts of discrimination and harassment, and we commit to addressing them promptly and will continue to enhance our efforts to prevent them from occurring.
  5. We commit to supporting, growing and advancing a community where all people work and learn together in a welcoming and safe atmosphere free of harmful or demeaning treatment.
  6. We commit to an institutional vision and leadership that centers diversity, equity, social justice and inclusion and advocates for transparency and systemic change.