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Volunteer Opportunities

LIRA is an all volunteer organization. Each member is encouraged to contribute as they can to our organization.

LIRA has six standing committees:

  1. Curriculum - Curriculum Committee is currently seeking volunteers who are interested in helping identify future courses for LIRA. Contact Bev Rudeen or Jim Rutter by email at: or
  2. Membership
  3. Hospitality - Hospitality is currently seeking one more person to help with set up and provide back up. Contact Debbie Sebelius by email at:
  4. Scholarship
  5. Publicity
  6. Newsletter

Check the latest Newsletter for information about committees and who to contact to join.

Ad Hoc Committee

LIRA Is seeking a person with Microsoft Database management experience particularly with using Excel and Access Database programs.  The candidate will be managing the LIRA membership database.  Please contact Peter Sebelius at if you are interested.

Logos and Templates


In an effort to assist our volunteers and provide for smooth organization operations, the following checklists have been created: