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UMass Lowell Downloads

Below are links to the official UMass Lowell Logos in various formats for print and web. Please do not modify or change the logo. The logo is protected by UMass Lowell copyright.


  • The UMass Lowell logos are designed to be used as one unit, not as separate letter forms or elements.
  • The logos have been specifically configured. They cannot be altered or redrawn.
  • The proportions of the logo should remain unaltered.
  • The logo must be clearly legible at all times.
  • The logo must be reproduced from official artwork.



Vertical Logo (without tagline)


PowerPoint Template

Preferred blue template for print and sample slides using blue template White template for heavy text or complex graphics and sample slides using white template Print template (using instructions below)

A pre-designed PowerPoint presentation incorporating the UMass Lowell Branding gives your presentation a professional look. The blue PowerPoint slide is preferred. However, the white version may be used when a presentation is heavy in text or displays complex graphics, in which case reversing out text and graphics would make reading difficult. Sample slides are also available for download below.


Instructions for using the PowerPoint templates:

  1. Download and save template files to a new folder
  2. To apply a design template from a file:
    You can apply a design template file (.pot) or a design template from another presentation file (.ppt or .pps) by clicking Browse in the Slide Design task pane.
  3. On the Format menu, click Slide Design. 
  4. At the bottom of the Slide Design task pane, click Browse. 
  5. Navigate to the location of the template file (.pot) or presentation file (.ppt or .pps) you wish to apply; select it, and then click Apply. 

If you apply a template file, the design template is added to the Slide Design task pane under Available for Use, and it is available for subsequent presentations. PowerPoint also adds other templates from the file location you browsed to.

If you apply a presentation file, the design template from that presentation is applied and is available in the Used in this Presentation section of the Slide Design task pane. If the presentation template you applied had multiple masters, the first master is applied and you are prompted with a message asking if you want the rest of the masters added to the presentation.

Instructions for printing slides

  1. Save Slide Presentation
  2. From the toolbar choose Format
  3. Choose Slide Design
  4. Choose "umasslowellprint.pot"
  5. Print

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