Currently, the Freewheelers bike share program is open to anyone with a current students, faculty and staff with a valid UMass Lowell email address.

Late Fees

A $20 per day late fee will be charged to all those failing to return a bike to a designated checkout station by the end of program hours the day it is borrowed. All daily rental bikes are due back at 7 p.m. the day they are rented.

Damage and Missing Bikes

By borrowing a bike you agree to be held financially responsible if the bike is damaged or stolen. Any person borrowing a bike not returned in the condition that it was issued will be charged an appropriate repair fee. Anyone not returning a bike will be charged up to an $800 replacement fee.  A hold will be placed on the borrowers university account and he/she will also not be allowed to register for classes without paying the replacement fee.

Lock, Key and Helmet

The key must be returned to a check-in station when the bike is returned. Bikes should be locked properly outside the returning station for the next user to access. If a U Lock or key is lost the user will be charged a $45 replacement fee. Missing helmet user will be charged $35.

Suspensions and Payment of Fees

Incurring fees while using the Freewheelers Program will result in the temporary suspension of a users account. Suspensions will be removed once fees have been paid. Users may pay fees online here or at the bike shop during open hours. For all damage fees contact: freewheelers@uml.edu. Please allow 24-36 hours for your suspension to be lifted once the fee has been paid.