Mini-Grant Recipients


Title: Immigrants Are Us: Service Learning Project with the International Institute
Name: Robert Forrant
Department: History 
Courses: - United States Immigration History 

Title: Immersive Virtual Field Trips
Name: Nelson G Eby
Department: Environmental Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Courses: Multiple Courses

Title: Use of Supplemental Instruction (SI) to Improve Performance of Students in Anatomy and Physiology
Name: Michelle Hunt
Department: Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences
Courses: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Title: Affordable Motion Capture for Animation, Games, and Studio Art
Name: Yuko Oda
Department: Art & Design
Courses: Foundation courses for freshman and sophomores.

Title: Students teaching students: Creation of instructional videos for the undergraduate organic lab
Name: Jessica Garcia
Department: Chemistry
Courses:  Organic Chemistry Lab

Title: Improving First-Year Chemistry Success through Dual-Role Embedded Tutors
Name: Leslie Farris
Department: Chemistry
Courses:  Chemistry I and II

Title: Hands-on learning and flying in the new Introduction to Aerospace course
Name: David Willis
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Courses: Introduction to Aerospace


Title: The Live Action Mural Project 
Name:   Ellen Wetmore 
Department: Art and Design  
Course: Various Freshman Art and Design courses

Title:  Implementing a Course-Embedded Writing Tutor Program 
Name:  Mary Gormley 
Department:  English 
Course:  The Seminar on Teaching Writing

Title:  Integrating the Difference Makers Principles into the Nursing Curriculum 
Name:  Mazen El Ghaziri and Ainat Koren 
Department:  School of Nursing 
Courses:  Research in Nursing and Health Care (RNHC), Community Health and Health Policy (CHHP), and Community Health Project (CHP)

Title:  Flipped Classroom, Free Textbooks, and an Embedded Tutor in the Honors Physics Sequence 
Name:  Nikolay Lepeshkin 
Department:  Physics 
Courses:  Honors Physics I and II

Title:  Teaching Non-Traditional Music Learners with Compassion and Empathy 
Name:  Gena Greher 
Department:  Music 
Course:  Progressive Performance and Production Pedagogy

Title:  Transformation of the ECE Teaching Laboratories - A New Laboratory Teaching Paradigm 
Name:  Jay Weitzen and Dohn Bowden 
Department:  Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Courses:  Various 

Title:  Vibes and Waves in Action 
Name:  Susan Thomson Tripathy and Kavitha Chandra 
Department:  Sociology and Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Courses:  Community Service and Signals and Systems


Title: Individualizing Feedback to Teacher Candidates Using the Teaching Channel & SWIVL Technology 
Name: Michelle Scribner-MacLean, Clinical Associate Professor 
Department: Graduate School of Education 
Course: UTeach Project-Based Instruction

Title: Implementing Competence Progress Modules in Organic Chemistry 
Name: Khalilah Reddie, Lecturer 
Department: Chemistry 
Course: Organic Chemistry

Title: Promoting Greater Deliberation, Civility and Knowledge of Policy through Issue Debates 
Name: Morgan Marietta, Assistant Professor 
Department: Political Science  
Course: Intro to American Politics, Intro to International Relations, Intro to Comparative Politics


Title: Using Case Study Technology (ForClass)
Name:Thomas Sloan, Associate Professor
Department: Operations and Information Systems (OIS)
Course: Global Supply Chain Management

Title: Integrating Service Learning into College Writing
Name: Matthew Hurwitz, Lecturer
Department: English
Course: College Writing II

Title: Using Field Work at the MFA When Learning to Teach English
Name: John Brown, Lecturer
Department: Education
Course: Curriculum & Teaching: English


Title: Technology-guided chemical discovery in the undergraduate organic lab
Name: Jessica M. Garcia, Lecturer, and Khalilah G. Reddie, Lecturer
Department: Chemistry
Course: Organic Chemistry Laboratory for Chemistry Majors

Title: Conservation in an American Art Course
Name: Marie Frank, Associate Professor
Department: Cultural Studies
Course: American Art