This year's mini-grants were awarded to innovative faculty teaching in our new Technology Enhanced Active Learning Classrooms (TEAL).

Name: Muhammad Shakil Quayes
Department: Economics
Course: Development Economics

Name: Frederic Chain
Department: Biology
Course: Bioinformatics

Name: Janet Schrenk
Department: Chemistry
Course: Advanced Inorganic/Modern Inorganic

Name: Nikolay Lepeshkin
Department: Physics
Courses: Honors Physics I PHYS 1610 Fall 19, Hon Physics II PHYS 1640 Spring 20

Name: Lisa Andrusaitis
Department: Accounting
Course: Financial Accounting

Name: Naomi Wernick
Department : Biology
Course: Freshman Seminar in Biology

Name: Sirong Lin
Department: Computer Science
Course: Computing I

Name: Yahayra Michel-Smith
Department: Criminal Justice
Course: Criminal Justice Statistics

Name: Jennifer Cadero-Gillette
Department: Art & Design
Course: Art History Survey II: Renaissance to Modern

Name: Eliza Bobek
Department: Curriculum and Instruction
Course: Educational Psychology

Name: Natalie Houston
Department: English
Course: Banned Books

Name: Hope Anderson
Department: World Languages
Courses: Spanish 3 and Culture or Spanish 4 and Culture