Order Textbooks Course Materials - Verba Collect Reviewer

Textbook Ordering Instructions for Departments using Verba Collect Reviewer

Users can be delegated as a “reviewer” in Verba Collect which allows for the adoption of course materials for all courses in a department as opposed to just classes you are instructing. Examples of reviewers are department chairs, coordinators, department assistants, or any individual designated by department chairs to assist in the adoption of multiple courses.

To become a reviewer, please have your department chair contact Ginger Defino by email: Ginger_Defino@uml.edu to gain access. Once you been provided access, you can use the one-click link provided to you from the River Hawk Shop emails, or follow the account creation steps.

Finding Courses as a Reviewer:

Once you log into Verba Collect as a Reviewer, you will be presented with a filter on the left, term options on the top right, and all courses you have access to on the right.

  1. Ensure that the correct term is selected.
  2. By default your filter will show all sections. To have only sections that have not had course materials selected, choose “incomplete sections”.
  3. When you are ready to adopt course materials, choose Actions then Faculty View.
  4. On the right you will be presented with all of the sections. Choose a section under the “Unassigned” section to choose course materials then choose “Next”.
    • Note: Once a course has been submitted, you can only view the adoption or you can request access to modify it. This request, along with your provided reason, will go to the River Hawk Shop for review.
  5. You may now follow the faculty adoption steps above and then repeat for all other courses/sections.