The Division of Student Affairs has issued the following information to create awareness of the resources available to students. It is suggested that you append this information to your syllabus.

Student Affairs Information & Services for Students

Dean of Students Office/Division of Student Affairs: The primary responsibility of Student Affairs is the welfare of all students enrolled at UMass Lowell. We provide students with the resources and assistance for students to graduate as well rounded, active contributors to their communities. Please visit our website for links to the departments in the Division of Student Affairs. We are located on the second floor of University Crossing.

  • Absence from class: The Dean of Students Office and the Wellness Center do not provide “excused absences” for students; if you are absent for any reason you must speak with your professor directly. Students need to be aware, and follow, the absence policy listed on their syllabus.
  • Single Point of Contact: If you are homeless or are in fear of becoming homeless, or if you are food insecure, and you want assistance, please come to the Dean of Students Office located on the 2nd floor of University Crossing and speak with Annie Ciaraldi, Associate Dean of Student Affairs.
  • UMass Lowell Navigators’ Food Pantry: Please visit the food pantry located in University Crossing, room 104 if you need assistance securing food; we are open Monday-Friday from 1:30 - 7 p.m. All you need is your student ID to access the food pantry; there is no charge for food, toiletries, or other resources we offer.
  • A word about conduct/behavior: Students are expected to read and understand the syllabus given to them by their professor. The syllabus should outline the behavioral expectations of the professor, including but not limited to the use of electronics in the classroom, disruptive behavior, the absence policy, and information regarding academic integrity. Students should be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct found on the UMass Lowell website under "Conduct Code." Disruptive behavior in the classroom may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Military and Veteran Services: UMass Lowell is committed to helping our military and veteran students take full advantage of all the educational benefits available through the federal and state governments. We welcome veterans, guardsmen, reservists and all active duty military students who are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education degrees and/or certificate programs. Students are certified for benefits by our Veterans Benefits Administrators (VBA).

The Office of Military and Veteran Services provides world-class service to our student veterans: UMass Lowell was named to Military Times "Best for Vets" 2014 College rankings, and is ranked among the top Military Friendly Schools in the nation by Victory Media, indicating the campus is among the top 20% for military students’ experience. For complete information on the services and resources available please visit our Military and Veteran Services website.

WellnessWellness Center - Call 978-934-6800 to schedule an appointment with any of the Wellness Center Departments. While walk-in appointments are not available, the staff will schedule you in a timely manner. The Wellness Center is located on the 3rd floor of University Crossing.

Health Services: As part of the Wellness Center, Health Services provides diagnosis and treatment of episodic illnesses such as headache, colds, sore throats, mono, nausea, vomiting, rashes, sprains, vaginitis and urinary tract infections, etc. We provide evaluation and treatment of minor injuries as well as gynecologic care, contraceptive management and counseling, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, health and wellness counseling, the administration of immunizations and laboratory work.
Counseling Services: As part of the Wellness Center, Counseling Services provides a range of psychological services that serve to empower, support, and assist students in the pursuit of their personal, professional, and academic endeavors. Counseling Services offers free, confidential, brief individual, couples, group, and crisis counseling and psychotherapy to matriculated students. We focus on adhering to the highest ethical standards and respecting cultural and individual differences. We can help with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, self-esteem, relationship concerns, roommate conflicts, family concerns, substance use, stress, and adjusting to college. Our mission is simple: help students achieve success.
Disability Services: The Disability Services staff promote diversity and inclusion at UMass Lowell by partnering with the campus community. We create equal access by removing barriers, promoting diversity, employing universal design and striving for inclusion. Visit our webpage for information, forms, and policies. Also, Disability Services supports software for ALL students. Read&Write Gold is literacy software that allows you to read on-screen text aloud, research and check written work, and create study guides. You can download Read&Write Gold from the IT website.

Additionally, Disability Services reviews and approves students’ requests for accommodation based upon the recommendation of the student’s provider. Please see “Accommodations,” below, for more information.

AccommodationsAccommodations: University of Massachusetts Lowell is committed to serving all students without regard to disability status or religion, and in accordance with regulations and policy. Students may request accommodations based on disability or religion. Students are not required to provide specific information to their faculty members about the reasons for their requests. Please note that not all requests for accommodation can be granted. The law allows the University to consider input regarding the technical / content requirements for courses in making its determination.

  • Requests for accommodation for religious reasons should be directed to Equal Opportunity and Outreach at 978-934-3565, Wannalancit Mills, Suite 301.
  • Accommodation requests for medical reasons should be directed to Disability Services by email:
  • Students with known disabilities are encouraged to register prior to the start of their first semester to discuss appropriate accommodations. At the beginning of each semester, students should submit a request through Disability Services to have their approved accommodations sent to their faculty members. Students should follow up with faculty after they receive their accommodations. To protect privacy, students may prefer to speak with their faculty members privately during office hours or after class.
  • If a syllabus requires that a healthcare provider’s note be given to a faculty member to excuse a medical absence from a class or scheduled exam date, the healthcare provider’s note does not need to indicate the nature of the medical condition.
  • If you believe you may miss classes due to a disability, and are registered with Disability Services, please contact the staff to discuss your options.

UMass Lowell PolicePolice Department: The UMass Lowell Police Department (UMLPD) is a full service police department with 30 sworn officers. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing patrol, investigation, specialized and emergency response, as well as crime prevention and educational services. Please dial 978-934-4911 in case of emergency; for non-emergencies dial 978-934-2398. The UMLPD is located in the “B” Building of University Crossing on the 1st floor.

TitleTitle IX Reporting Requirements: UMass Lowell is committed to fostering a welcoming, respectful and safe environment. We believe that all the members of the UMass Lowell community are responsible for ensuring that our campus is free from discrimination. In accordance with Title IX, UMass Lowell is required to investigate incidents of sex discrimination that occur on our campus. Faculty who become aware of an incident of sexual harassment or sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking, are required to notify UMass Lowell’s Title IX Coordinator. The purpose of this disclosure is to inform students of the University’s obligations under Title IX and the reporting responsibility of faculty. For more information about how to file a complaint, your rights and your reporting options available at UMass Lowell, including confidential and anonymous reporting options, please visit UMass Lowell's Sexual Violence Prevention & Education website.

  • UMass Lowell Prevent Website: Community members will find information about resources, support services, the Student Conduct Process for Title IX violations, and other information on the Sexual Violence Prevention & Education website. In addition, information on reporting incidents of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, harassment, and bullying can be found here.

SensitiveSensitive Course Content: Some courses may include content and discussion which address sensitive topics that may be disturbing to some students. Topics may include, for example, trauma, depression, anxiety, sex or gender-based violence or abuse, addiction, mental health concerns, relationship problems, suicide, violent and abusive behaviors, sexual situations, racism, war, catastrophes, or genocide. Participating in class discussions, reading course materials and completing course assignments may remind you of experiences that you, a friend, or family member may have experienced. Although you are not expected to share personal information in class, classroom discussion of these topics may be unavoidable. Please take the time to care for yourself. You may wish to speak with a staff member of Counseling Services, discussed above. Also, feel free to privately ask the faculty member beforehand about topics listed in the course syllabus. In some but not all cases, faculty may be able to privately arrange for you to complete alternate assignments which allow you to fulfill the requirements of the course without active engagement in some of the sensitive topics. Please note that faculty are not required to make these arrangements.

Student Advising

Student Parents: Important information for faculty about students who are parents, including frequently asked questions and links to resources, is available at the Student Parents website.