Effective July 1, 2021 UPrint cards will no longer be issued at the UMass Lowell libraries. Outside guests may now print by creating a guest account which will allow users to login to the UPrint website, upload documents for printing, add funds via credit card, and release jobs. Please see a library staff member for assistance accessing a computer or vLabs terminal.

Guest accounts should not be created by UMass Lowell faculty/staff or students as all valid @uml.edu or @student.uml.edu e-mail addresses can be used to log in.

Creating a guest account:

  1. Navigate to the UMass Lowell UPrint My Print Center website. Note that this will only be accessible when connected from a UMass Lowell computer or vLabs terminal. Click 'I am a new guest'.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, e-mail address, and a password you wish to use. Remember your password as it cannot be changed without contact the UCAPS office.
  3. Enter the CAPTCHA information and then the 'Create' button.
  4. Your account will be created immediately and you will be logged into the UPrint website.

Please note: that guest accounts will be automatically deleted after 28 days if there are no funds on the account. Accounts with funds will remain active indefinitely. If you require your password to be reset, please contact us by email: UCAPS@uml.edu or phone: 978-934-2800 for assistance.