UPrint Project

Please find pertinent information regarding the UPrint Project below. Please note that the project is still undergoing hardware and software deployment, and all final policies have not been set. Check back for the latest updates.

What is UPrint?

UPrint is a green initiative that is aimed to reduce paper waste by eliminating unwanted and excess printing. Beginning in pilot locations in fall 2011, the UPrint project is available in all major computer labs, and will support personal notebook computers in the future.

UPrint is a software solution, a package called Pharos Uniprint, that is utilized by all UMass campuses and most Massachusetts public universities.

Why UPrint?

In various surveys and in collaboration with Xerox, the University has determined it has an average usage of 3.5 million pages per month. Prior to the library's previous pay-for-print system, they found an excess of 1 million pages per semester found in the trash, recycling bins and left on the printer. Just imagine how many pages are wasted across all labs! Three major goals are involved in this project:

  • Become a greener campus and increase sustainability,
  • Reduce overall costs for toner and paper each year, and
  • Increase available printing services to students, faculty, and staff (i.e. posters, color prints, duplexing, etc.)

Similar solutions have been deployed at all Massachusetts public universities and have been proven successful in achieving all of these goals.

Where is UPrint?

UPrint will ultimately be located in over 40 labs across campus and can be found in many pilot locations today:

How Do I Print at UPrint Locations?

Printing with UPrint only involves a few extra steps than normal printing:

  1. Have your UCard/UML ID available, or purchase a UPrint card in Lydon or O'Leary (card station coming soon).
  2. Preview your job to ensure it will print how you would expect.
  3. Print your job as you typically would.
  4. Enter your SiS ID Number (without the preceding "UMS") and a name for your job so you can identify it when released.
  5. When you are ready to print all of your jobs, find the nearest Pharos release station (touch screen LCD device next to the printer) and swipe your card.
  6. You will be shown all of your jobs; choose the ones you want and press print; delete the ones you don't!

For a step-by-step walk through on how to use UPrint, complete with screen shots and pictures, you can download our complete PowerPoint presentation:

Print Allocations and Costs:

While decreasing costs for printing is an important factor, there is no intention to financially burden students in implementing this solution. Each student will be provided a number of free prints per semester, and a fair cost per page will be established for any additional printing used.

Each black and white page (single-sided) costs 10 cents, and all enrolled students will receive $15 in print allotment per semester - that's 150 pages for free! Students will be able to add cash to their UCards in the libraries. If you have lost your UCard and need to print, or you are a member of the public, you can purchase a reusable UPrint card in the libraries for $1.00

Printers that have duplexing (double-sided) options will be discounted by 25 percent per side if the feature is used.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the UPrint solution, please contact us at UPrint@uml.edu.