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New Door Requests

If you wish to add a new card access scanner (access point) to an existing door on campus, please contact the UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS) Office at 978-934-2800 or

An approved electrician vendor will be contacted to assess the specific needs of the door, if any, and provide you an estimate with all associated costs. All costs associated with the equipment and labor with adding a new card access scanner must be paid, in full, to the vendor via purchase order. 

The UCAPS Office will assume all maintenance, including costs, after the initial installation except for damage caused by vandalism or natural occurrences (i.e. electrical surges).

Once the access point has been completely installed, you will need to provide a list of "access groups," "time zones," and "user lists" that will have access to the door (see Request for Access). We will work with you from start to finish to ensure your area is secured to your specifications.

It is highly recommended that UMass Lowell Facilities is contacted after the installation of a door to remove or change the lock core. This ensures maximum security to prevent any previous keys from accessing the door.