Fall 2023 Physics Colloquium Schedule

Time: 4-5 p.m. Wednesdays. All colloquia are held in-person in Ball Hall 210.

Sept. 6No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Sept. 13Stephen Lam, UMass LowellApplications of Artificial Intelligence in Interrogating Complex Materials Structure-Property Relationships
Sept. 20Shiwen Zhang, UMass LowellApproximate Eigenvalues via the Landscape Function in Disordered Media
Sept. 27Marian Jandel, UMass LowellStudies of Neutron-Induced Reactions and New Capabilities at the UMass Lowell Research Reactor
Oct. 4No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Oct. 11Jeffrey Moore, UMass LowellAltered Contractile Protein Mechanochemistry in Heart Disease
Oct. 18Katharina Domnanich, Michigan State U.Isotope Harvesting at FRIB: Upcoming Opportunities for Scientific Applications
Oct. 25Tayyaba Hasan, Wellman Center of PhotomedicinePhotodynamic Therapy: A Bridge between Science, Engineering and Medicine
Nov. 1No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Nov. 8Paul Miller, Brandeis UniversityAttractor-state transitions within neural circuits underlying cognition and behavior
Nov. 15Ross Berbeco, Brigham & Women's HospitalDesigning nanoparticles for image-guided radiation therapy
Nov. 22No ColloquiumThanksgiving Break
Nov. 29Bulbul Chakraborty, Brandeis UniversitySoft Capricious Matter: The collective behavior of particles with "noisy" interactions
Dec. 6No ColloquiumFaculty Meeting
Dec. 13Richard Gaschnig, UMass LowellRadiogenic isotopes as witnesses to the evolution of the earth